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Bottles, jugs, and jars are the ONLY plastics that are accepted in the Solid Waste drop-off recycling bins and the curb-side recycling for both Lafayette and West Lafayette. Plastic yogurt tubs, to-go tubs, salad tubs, berry containers, and other plastics should be re-used or thrown in the trash. Recyclable plastic bottles, jugs, and jars should be empty and clean before recycling. If the caps can be screwed on tightly, they can stay on. Caps that pop on and off should be thrown away as they will fall off in transit.

Location NameLocation AddressLocation PhoneWebsite Address
Lafayette Sanitation Department 765-807-1411
Recycling Drop-off bin - East Tipp Middle School7501 E 300 N, Lafayette 
Recycling Drop-off bin - Southwestern Middle School2100 W 800 S, Lafayette 
Recycling Drop-off bin - StockwellIntersection of Monroe, Commercial, and Yorktown rds, Stockwell 
Recycling Drop-off bin - Transfer Station2770 N 9th St, Lafayette765-423-2858