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Aluminum cans can be recycled in any Solid Waste District mixed recycling bin, or in Lafayette and West Lafayette curbside recycling bin. They can also be exchanged for cash-back at a private scrap metal recycler.

Location NameLocation AddressLocation PhoneWebsite Address
Aluminum Can Company3434 McCarty Ln, Lafayette765-447-3127
Lafayette Sanitation Department 765-807-1411
Oscar Winski - Scrap Metal2407 N 9th Street, Lafayette765-742-1102
Recycling Drop-off bin - East Tipp Middle School7501 E 300 N, Lafayette 
Recycling Drop-off bin - Southwestern Middle School2100 W 800 S, Lafayette 
Recycling Drop-off bin - StockwellIntersection of Monroe, Commercial, and Yorktown rds, Stockwell 
Recycling Drop-off bin - Transfer Station2770 N 9th St, Lafayette765-423-2858