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This application provides basic information about inmates currently housed at the Tippecanoe County Jail.

Disclaimer: All information has been derived from public records that are constantly undergoing change and is not warranted for content or accuracy. This report may not reflect the most current information.

Inmate Booking Record

Booking # First Name Last Name Middle Name Age Booking Date/Time Total Bond Amount Current Status
158122 JONATHAN CRAFT DAVID 37 11/27/2020 2:12 AM $1,000.00 NO HOLD

Charge Details

Charge # Charge Bond Start Date Bond Amount Bond Status Bond Type Scheduled Release Date Scheduled Court Date / Case #
350120 SERVING TIME (JAIL USE ONLY) 11/30/2020 5:13 PM $0.00 ACTIVE BOND SERVING TIME 01/02/2021 2:12AM
350052 FALSE INFORMING 12/1/2020 4:03 PM $0.00 ACTIVE BOND N/A
350051 INVASION OF PRIVACY 12/1/2020 4:03 PM $1,000.00 ACTIVE BOND CASH BOND
350054 CRIMINAL TRESPASS 12/1/2020 4:03 PM $0.00 ACTIVE BOND N/A

NO HOLDIf all eligibility requirements are met, inmate may be released on bond.
HOLDINGInmate is being held, possibly for another agency, and will not be released.
UNKNOWNStatus is currently unknown, contact the jail to request further information.