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Welcome to the Tippecanoe County Restaurant Inspection Finder. The records in this database are results of inspections by the Tippecanoe County Health Services Department. They reflect the establishment's adherence to current health codes, not the taste or quality of the food prepared there.


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ViewEst. #Establishment NameAddressCitySTZipTypeOpenedStatus
5646 103147-11 NY LLC1578 Win Hentschel BlvdWest LafayetteIN 47906Food Service Open
16151 103661-11600 W Lafayette Inc.1600 Cumberland AveWest LafayetteIN 47906Food Service09/16/2023Open
19209 103722-11832 Brew Espresso Bar/Temporary2024 Xtreme Choir CompetitionLafayetteIN 47905Temporary Open
2571 103068-119 Degrees Corporate Service, LLC Vending2620 Financial Ct. Suite 100San DiegoCA 92117Vending06/13/2019Closed
3607 103106-11st Baptist Church/Chartwells411 N 7th AvenueLafayetteIN 47901Food Service08/12/2019Closed
7895 103398-14th Market LLC245 S 4th StreetLafayetteIN 47901Retail Food Market09/24/2021Open
2042 102541-14th St. Shell245 S. 4th StreetLafayetteIN 47901Retail Food Market11/01/2015Closed
16057 103568-1550 Wagyu/TemporaryFarmer's MarketWest LafayetteIN 47906Farmers Market Open
2218 102717-1625 Midtown625 Columbia StreetLafayetteIN 47901Food Service04/27/2017Closed
9937 103442-1648 Bourbon & Cigar Lounge648 Main StreetLafayetteIN 47901Food Service Open
20224 103738-16th Street Dive827 N 6th StreetLafayetteIN 47904Food Service Open
7901 103404-16th Street Market Inc601 Union StreetLafayetteIN 47904Retail Food Market10/21/2021Closed
13020 103528-16th Street Market Inc.601 Union StreetLafayetteIN 47904Retail Food Market12/01/2022Open
18180 103692-17 Brew2207 Sagamore ParkwayLafayetteIN 47905Food Service12/04/2023Open
16051 103562-17Brew3842 South StreetLafayetteIN 47905Food Service03/16/2023Open
14038 103547-17Brew #1083602 Cougill LaneLafayetteIN 47909Food Service01/31/2023Open
2404 102902-18 Up Inc./TemporarySizzlin' Summer FestWest LafayetteIN 47906Temporary Closed
1430 101929-2A J's Burgers & Beef134 W. State Street Ste DWest LafayetteIN 47906Food Service08/01/2012Closed
19208 103721-1A New Twist, LLC dba Ben's Soft Pretzels/Temporary2024 Xtreme Choir CompetitionLafayetteIN 47905Temporary Open
6822 103324-1A1 Food Mart3630 Greenbush StreetLafayetteIN 47905Retail Food Market04/21/2021Open
330 100829-1ABJ Subway5850 State Road 43 NorthWest LafayetteIN 47906Food Service Open
767 101266-1Ace Hardware @ Eastgate119 Beck LaneLafayetteIN 47909Retail Food Market Open
2431 102929-1ACE Sushi @ Fresh Thyme #202220 S. Creasy LaneLafayetteIN 47905Food Service07/23/2018Open
2563 103060-1Ace Sushi @ Fresh Thyme 2162410 N Salisbury St.West LafayetteIN 47906Food Service06/04/2019Open
882 101381-4Aces Pub3215 South 18th StreetLafayetteIN 47909Food Service09/03/2008Open
5650 103151-1Action Billiards2008 S. 22nd StreetLafayetteIN 47905Food Service Closed
2396 102894-1Action Billiards2008 S 22nd StreetLafayetteIN 47905Food Service09/06/2018Closed
941 101440-1Active Day of Lafayette3922 Mezzanine DriveLafayetteIN 47905Food Service Closed
1344 101843-4Adelino's Old World Deli & Marketplace116 N. Third StreetLafayetteIN 47901Retail Food Market Closed
970 101469-1Adelino's Old World Kitchen112 North 3rd StreetLafayetteIN 47901Food Service06/04/2009Closed
281 100780-1Adventure Station Child Care108 Beck LaneLafayetteIN 47909Food Service03/25/1998Closed
1842 102341-1AFC Sushi @ Fresh City Market #2720 Northwestern AvenueWest LafayetteIN 47906Food Service08/11/2014Closed
6808 103310-1AFC Sushi @ Kroger #8241032 Sagamore Parkway W.West LafayetteIN 47906Food Service02/24/2021Open
2580 103077-1AFC Sushi @ Kroger #827T2513 Maple Point DriveLafayetteIN 47905Food Service08/05/2019Open
1951 102450-1AFC Sushi @ Marsh #272410 North SalisburyWest LafayetteIN 47906Food Service06/04/2015Closed
1374 101873-1AFC Sushi @ Marsh #473825 South StreetLafayetteIN 47905Food Service02/14/2008Closed
1118 101617-1AFC Sushi @ Super Target #17623630 South StreetLafayetteIN 47905Food Service10/04/2009Closed
5636 103137-1AFresh Foods Inc. DBA Taste of India111 S. River RoadWest LafayetteIN 47906Food Service10/15/2019Open
2093 102592-4Agave Azul 3 LLC705 Sagamore Parkway WestWest LafayetteIN 47906Food Service08/26/2016Closed
875 101374-1AH-Z135 South Chauncey Avenue #2GWest LafayetteIN 47906Food Service09/11/2008Closed
2088 102587-1AJ's Burgers & Beef3575 Promenade Parkway Suite 700LafayetteIN 47909Food Service05/09/2016Closed
3615 103114-1AJ's Burgers, Beef, Beer302 Vine St. Suite 150West LafayetteIN 47906Food Service08/20/2019Open
80 100579-1Akropolis3311 South StreetLafayetteIN 47904Food Service Closed
2122 102621-1Akropolis Restaurant INC3311 South StreetLafayetteIN 47904Food Service07/01/2016Open
1012 101511-1Aldi #60210 Sagamore Parkway WestWest LafayetteIN 47906Retail Food Market11/13/2009Open
81 100580-1Aldi Inc.#59957 Sagamore Parkway S.LafayetteIN 47905Retail Food Market Open
308 100807-1Alexander's Sit N Bull Café11437 U.S. 52 SouthClarks HillIN 47930Food Service Closed
7875 103378-1ALL Program1200 N Salisbury StreetWest LafayetteIN 47906Food Service08/09/2021Open
6805 103307-1All Wined Down308 E State StreetWest LafayetteIN 47906Food Service02/02/2021Open
2511 103008-1AllBQ'sMobile UnitDelphiIN 46923Mobile02/12/2019Closed
2434 102932-1ALLBQ'S/Temporary"Rock The Cure" BenefitLafayetteIN 47901Temporary Closed
1562 102061-1Allison's Catering-TemporaryKarl Kelly CampWest LafayetteIN 47906Temporary Closed
4628 103128-1Almadina820 Sagamore Parkway NorthLafayetteIN 47904Food Service09/26/2019Closed
2036 102535-1Alorica/Treat America Micro Market181 Sagamore Pkwy SouthLafayetteIN 47905Micro Market10/08/2015Closed
1341 101840-3Also601 Main StreetLafayetteIN 47901Food Service04/15/2013Closed
5749 103250-1AM & PM208 South Street Ste. CWest LafayetteIN 47906  Open
2087 102586-1AM & PM208 South Street Suite CWest LafayetteIN 47906Retail Food Market02/01/2016Closed
2215 102714-1Amazing Grace/TemporaryMosey Down Main StreetLafayetteIN 47901Temporary Closed
2353 102852-1Amber Leaf LLC DBA Blind Pig301 Ferry StreetLafayetteIN 47901Food Service Open
185 100684-1Amelia Earhart Elementary3280 South 9th StreetLafayetteIN 47909Food Service Closed
2147 102646-1Amelia Earhart Elementary/Chartwell3280 S 9th StreetLafayetteIN 47904Food Service10/03/2016Open
2425 102923-1Amer's Grill LLC3500 State Road 38 East Suite 100LafayetteIN 47905Food Service Closed
2071 102570-1American Food & Vending Corp @ Oerlikon2309 Concord RoadLafayetteIN 47905Retail Food Market03/18/2016Closed
1498 101997-1American Legion # 4924929 SR 43 NorthWest LafayetteIN 47906-Food Service Open
186 100685-1American Legion Post 111801 South 9th StreetLafayetteIN 47905Food Service02/01/2004Open
16125 103635-1American Porkers Food Truck/TemporaryClarks Hill Food Truck NightClarks HillIN 47930Temporary Open
1448 101947-2Americus Pizza7506 State Road 25 NorthLafayetteIN 47905Food Service08/20/2012Open
288 100787-1Americus Pizza King7506 State Road 25 NorthLafayetteIN 47905Food Service Closed
5739 103240-1Another Broken Egg516 Northwestern Ave #1500West LafayetteIN 47906Food Service Open
1989 102488-1Another Broken Egg Café516 Northwestern Ave. Suite 1500 IN 47906Food Service07/24/2015Closed
2409 102907-1Another Broken Egg Cafe/TemporaryMosey Down Main StreetLafayetteIN 47901Temporary Closed
172 100671-1Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar2415 Sagamore Parkway S.LafayetteIN 47905Food Service Open
251 100750-1Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar3009 Northwestern Ave.West LafayetteIN 47906Food Service12/08/1997Open
12992 103500-1Arabia/Purdue Arab Society/TemporaryGlobal FestWest LafayetteIN 47906Temporary Open
5756 103257-1Aramark #1/Sushi Boss1265 W State StreetWest LafayetteIN 47906Food Service Closed
5757 103258-1Aramark #2/Teriyaki Ninja1265 W State StreetWest LafayetteIN 47906Food Service Closed
5758 103259-1Aramark #3/ Q Express1265 W State StreetWest LafayetteIN 47906Food Service Closed
5759 103260-1Aramark #4/ Athenian Grille1265 W State StreetWest LafayetteIN 47906Food Service Closed
5760 103261-1Aramark #5/ Zoca1265 W State StreetWest LafayetteIN 47906Food Service Closed
5761 103262-1Aramark #6/ Le Petite Creperie1265 W State StreetWest LafayetteIN 47906Food Service Closed
5762 103263-1Aramark #7/ York Street Market1265 W State StreetWest LafayetteIN 47906Food Service08/04/2020Closed
5755 103256-1Aramark Commissary Kitchen1265 W State StreetWest LafayetteIN 47906Food Service Closed
773 101272-1Aramark/Evonik1650 Lilly RoadLafayetteIN 47909Food Service11/30/2007Open
447 100946-3Arby's135 South Chauncey AvenueWest LafayetteIN 47906Food Service09/08/2004Closed
448 100947-1Arby's #1029531 Sagamore Parkway WestWest LafayetteIN 47906Food Service09/08/2004Open
449 100948-1Arby's #63684066 South StreetLafayetteIN 47905Food Service09/08/2004Open
464 100963-1Arby's #75952219 Sagamore Parkway SouthLafayetteIN 47905Food Service12/20/2004Open
2416 102914-1Arby's #86523209 Builders Drive, Ste. 100LafayetteIN 47909Food Service06/14/2018Open
16153 103663-1Arepiz/TemporaryLatino FestivalLafayetteIN 47905Temporary Open
273 100772-1Arni's2325 State Road 25 WLafayetteIN 47909Food Service Open
47 100546-1Arni's2323 Wallace AvenueLafayetteIN 47904Food Service Open
61 100560-1Arni's2200 Elmwood AvenueLafayetteIN 47904Food Service Open
626 101125-1Arni's3111 Builders Drive Ste 18LafayetteIN 47909Food Service10/17/2006Open
378 100877-1Arni's @ PayLess1032 Sagamore Pkwy WestWest LafayetteIN 47906Food Service02/19/2003Open
184 100683-1Arni's/Pay Less2513 Maple Point DriveLafayetteIN 47905Food Service Open
360 100859-1Around the Fountain /Kiwanis ClubLafayette KiwanisLafayetteIN 47901Temporary Closed
35 100534-1Around the Fountain Art FairSt. John's Episcopal ChurLafayetteIN 47901Temporary Closed
1152 101651-1Arrows III & Tackle Too2888 State Road 25 NorthLafayetteIN 47905Retail Food Market02/19/2010Closed
2166 102665-1Art on the WabashFuelLafayetteIN 47901Food Service Closed
1884 102383-1Art on the Wabash/EMT Food TruckTapawingo ParkWest LafayetteIN 47906Temporary Closed